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February 8th, 2010



Hi potential bug swappers!!

Seems folks are concerned about the postage costs I've set forth the swap. So, in the interest of getting this swap underway I've changed a few things. New Bug size limits and postage costs.

This year the deadline for sign up is  Sunday February 28th.

ALL participants must email me their contact information from a valid email address. No one will be placed on the swap list without emailing me this information first!

My email address: conniepelkey@gmail.com

Information from you that I'll need:
Full name:
Full postal address:
Valid email address: (email me from this address)
Phone number:
Number of groups of six you want to join:

In return, I will email you back my contact information, including my phone number.

I absolutely need ALL of this information from each swap member. Swaps are meant to be fun, however recently there has been a "rash" of troubled swaps out there. Bad swap issues have included folks not staying in contact with the hostess, the hostess herself "falling off the edge of the planet", items being lost in the mail, incorrect postal amounts being sent, etc, etc...

The details of the swap are as follows:

For those living in the continental USA, you'll be identified as GROUP A:

The deadline for your completed buggy groups is Friday April 30, 2009.

For those in Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Mexico and overseas locations, you'll be identified as GROUP B:

The deadline for your completed buggy groups is Friday April 16, 2009.

I will do my utmost best to photograph, swap out and mail the bugs back to you all by May 15th. I WILL keep you all posted.

The 2010 Polymer Clay Bug Swap will consist of groups of six (6). What this means is you will make and send out to me 6 bugs. Your bugs must be made primarily of polymer clay, but feel free to use any mixed media to dress up your bugs. They do not have to be realistic! Let your imagination run wild!

The down and dirty basics are:

  • Sign up deadline: Feb 28th
  • Group A postmark deadline: April 30
  • Group B postmark deadline: April 16
  • Each bug MUST fit inside a 3X3 inch square. NO larger! It also needs to be no smaller that a 2X2 inch square! You will receive back 5 different bugs plus one of your own.
  • Group A: Package each bug individually in a zipper plastic bag along with your business card or a slip of paper with your name and email address.
  • Each group of six goes in one flat rate priority mail box ($4.95)
  • Each box gets a confirmation number
  • Include return postage ($5.00)
  • Group B: discuss w/ me mailing options

Those in GROUP A will carefully package your groups up in a FLAT RATE PRIORITY MAIL box. You will also include as much return postage you paid to ship it to me! Alternatively you can PayPal me the return postage. When mailing,  you must also request a package confirmation number and let me know what that number is.

You may sign up for and make as many groups as you like! 

Those in GROUP B will contact me personally about how to ship your packages, various countries have different shipping options to the US and we can discuss those.

Lets have a GREAT swap!!

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January 7th, 2010

"Inchies" swap!!



Barbara-P-W, (BDPW10, over over at the PCC message boards - http://forums.delphiforums.com/polymerclay/?) is hosting an "Inchies" tile swap. The tiles need to be an inch square and made primarily of polymer clay. The details are below. Join us!

1 - Tiles have to be 1 inch square. You can embellish/decorate/create them any way you wish as long as the base is polymer.

2 - Tiles should have your name and/or PCC alias written on the back.

3 - You can send as little as 5 tiles and as many as 25 tiles (if anyone thinks they want to make more than this, let me know, this is just a number that came to mind). I will randomly choose tiles from other swappers to send back to you. If we run short or I somehow miscount, I will make up the difference with my own tiles.

4 - Send your tiles to me in a flat rate priority mail box ($4.95) and include $5.00 for returning the tiles to you.

(Remember, tiles you receive may be used in any project you wish to create, for sale or for yourself.)

5 - Deadline for getting the tiles to me is February 26th. I will do my best to turn them around and send them out within 1-2 weeks after that.

6 - Anyone who's interested, please send me your name, e-mail address, PCC alias, and your home address to me at bdbear10@yahoo.com (so I can better keep track of who will participate).

7 - Lastly, please DON'T commit to participating if you think you may not be able to fulfill your part of the swap. I don't mind having to make a few extra tiles here and there, but nobody wants all of MY tiles, they want to see a little bit of everyone's. And it just stinks when people drop out after agreeing to play.

8 - Deadline for getting the tiles to me is February 26th. I will do my best to turn them around and send them out within 1-2 weeks after that.

Any questions, please send them to me at my e-mail address or post in this thread!


Here's a few pictures of some inchies:






January 4th, 2010



I want whomever stole my mother and replaced her with a grumpy old biddy to please return my Mommy!

New Year


CamdenI don't normally "do" new years resolutions, however this year there are a few personal things I plan on working on.

1. Putting Me first, then My Partner and my Relationship next, extended family 3rd and everything else last!

2. Consciously working toward having more positive thoughts, and just noticing and letting go of negativity.

3. Doing more FUN things. They don't have to be big, small things count too!

4. Working more on my art.

5. Working more towards teaching.


Best wishes to everyone for  the upcoming days and months!

December 30th, 2009

Christmas is yucky!


About 15 years ago my then partner and I celebrated the holiday - big time. Her two nephews (whom I was "Nanny Nonnie" for about 5 years were a huge part of this. When the relationship ended it was at Xmas time, a week before she cheated on me and due to financial reasons and emotional entanglement it took a couple months before we finally extracted ourselves from each other. This included two extended stays at The Ha Ha Hotel for me. Not pleasant.

Fast forward to 2000, 9 years ago. My Dad died on the 29th of December. During this time I was still healing from a TERRIBLE staff infection in the incision from my hysterectomy. Awful, awful time.

Christmas was NOT fun for so many years.

When Nancy and I got together we sort of went through the motions with the holidays. Xmas eve was spent with her family (the niece and nephew are always a source of laughter) Xmas morning was spent with my Mom, but we never made special celebrations for us as a family.

This fall her Dad died.

We needed to make some changes because both of us were just horribly resentful around the commercialism, $$ problems and bad past circumstances surrounding this time of year.

For a while now I've wanted to actively celebrate Solstice and/ or Yule.

This year, with intent, we decorated a little artificial tree that was her  grandmothers. We went through all the old decorations in the attic and picked out items that were memorable, cute or otherwise "spoke to us". All the rest went to Goodwill.

We lit candles and spoke of hopes and dreams for the coming year, we celebrated the return of the light - we both suffer from SAD so this has double meaning for us both. A day or two later, we then celebrated our Yule Tree and had our own presents to each other.

We still had Christmas eve with the kids and exchanged presents with my Mom too. We also had a feast, of course. I am a trained cook after all!

Our celebrations will evolve as the years go on, but the whole Solstice/ Yule, special celebrations just for us - as a family - were nice this year... with intent.

Christmas doesn't HAVE to be yucky - it's what we make of it.

And along those same lines... 20010 HAS to be better than 09 was. WE get to make it a good one.

Happy New Year to all!

December 21st, 2009


Happy, happy Solstice to all my dear friends and family! May the Blessings of the the coming warmth be a beacon of hope for the coming year to you and yours!


December 12th, 2009

A Bottle of Hope


I made this little Bottle of Hope for a friend in California.. she has a young friend "in the battle" and has been collecting bottles for a couple months now.


There's a page describing the beginnings of the bottles. http://www.bottlesofhope.org/

November 17th, 2009

A horrible thing has happened in our clay community...

Jenny Patterson http://www.quiltedinclay.com/ was packing up from a show she did in Iowa when a box of her beads went missing!

If you see any of these beads on the many online selling venues, or a local bead shop, PLEASE contact her!

Here is a selection of quotes from Jenny describing what happened.

"2 weeks ago while packing up after a show, my case with ALL my finished "Quilted in Clay" beads was stolen out of my trailer. Along with all my findings, crystals and beads I use as accents to make necklaces.

I am estimating that I had upwards of 4500 clay beads in various sizes inside that case! I make beads in in 4 different sizes and shapes, in EACH of the 33 designs I currently have listed on my web site. Plus a number that I don't have on the website.

These shapes are 3/4" mobius beads, 5/8" square, 1/2" square and 3/8" square. All finished and drilled.

It was suggested to me to keep an eye on eBay and Etsy for these. Which I plan on doing, but these are huge shops and I can't monitor them alone, so I am asking for help.

If you all would not mind taking a look at the current designs on my website:


And if you happen to see something that might be my beads, please let me know.

I am devastated! We are talking hours and hours of work just GONE! Some of these designs, I don't have any cane left, so I can't even make any more beads, unless I remake the cane. I am having to call customers and tell them I can't sell them the items they ordered, and ask them to choose something I have on hand, or give them a refund...

Yes I am working with the police in Des Moines, where this happened. I have filed a report.

I fear what happened is that someone spied this case, and decided to take it. Not only did I have my beads in it, I also had my sterling and gold findings in it. I am thinking that the thief could care less about my beads, but will take the gold and sterling and turn them in for cash.

I do have insurance, which I am working filing.

As for the designs involved, it's hard to say, I KNOW I had between 12 and 72 beads in each style (mobius, 5/8"square etc) in EACH of my 33 designs currently on my web site.

I have not put it on my website yet, only because I have been so busy with orders, and figuring out what was in the case that I have not had time....

The show was the AQS Quilt show in Des Moines Iowa, the theft happened sometime between 8PM and 9:30PM, as we were loading after the show. The case is silver, wheeled, with locks on it, about the size of a suitcase.

  I do have to say the security at the event center was very good! I really have no clue as to how this happened, they even have video camera's in the loading dock area, but unfortunately there was nothing to help me. The angles were wrong or something. I have been working closely with the police department there.

There IS good to come of this! I have put off putting together a better way of tracking my inventory for a couple years. This is forcing me to take care of that, and re-organize!

Since I had to provide documentation of how I price my product to my insurance, It has also forced me to take a good hard look at how I price my work. I am glad to say that I feel that part is in good order....

Basically  we had finished tearing down our display, I finished packing stuff up while the DH went and got the van and trailer. When he got to the loading area, he came to the booth with our 2 wheeled cart, and took a load out. He had brought in some boxes I needed, so I stayed and filled them. Then pushed out one of our other wheeled carts, and this case that is missing. I met him on the dock, and we switched, he took the cart and the case, and I took the empty 2 wheeled cart. He went out and loaded the 2 items into the trailer, I loaded the 2 wheeler, we met on the dock and switched again. We continued this until all was loaded. Then we locked the trailer and went home.

2 days later it was time to unload the trailer, all the locks were in good shape, they had not been tampered with. When we unloaded we realized my case was no where to be found. I can only conclude that someone took it when we had our backs turned.

I have discovered after sitting down and doing a mental inventory, that I have greatly underestimated the number and $$ amount of things I kept in that case. Of course the DH has been telling me this for ages, but I was to stubborn to believe HIM! LOL

And although I have to call my customers, explain the situation, and re-vamp some orders, this is actually making for better customer relations. 

Moral of the story, it's a good thing I took out insurance for just this sort of thing!"

November 5th, 2009

What I lost on Tuesday



Why am I so outraged about the outcome of last Tuesday's vote?

Let me spell it out for you.

Recently in our lives, Nancy and I have been embroiled in "family issues". Her Dad died two weeks ago on Tuesday, all the related issues that go with that sad situation have us both on edge and really stressed out. Add to that, my Mom lives with us and has the beginning inklings of a health issue, the details of which I won't go into yet as nothing has been confirmed. Both of us are being pulled in opposite directions, doing our level best to be supportive of and helpful to our family. We are worried and concerned about our family.

Our Family.

Us. Love. Responsibility. Respect. Caring. Support.

Our Family

[Bahram Maskanian, defines family] "A family is a primary social group in any society, typically consisting of a man and a woman, or any two individuals who wish to share their lives together in a long-term committed relationship with one another, raising offspring and usually residing in the same dwelling.

Family is the main building block of a community; family structure and upbringing determines the social character and personality of any given society. - Family is where we all learn: love, caring, compassion, ethics, honesty, fairness, common sense, reason, peaceful conflict resolution and respect for ourselves and others, which are the vital fundamental skills, and family values, necessary to live an honorable and prospers life in harmony, in the world community."

The Definition of Family.

Governor Baldacci signed the Marriage Equality bill into law last spring here in Maine. That law gave legal backing to our family and all other families in Maine. We had the rights that we'd fought for for so long and so hard. It was right in our hands...

We have what's called the People's Veto in Maine. http://www.maine.gov/sos/cec/elec/peoppak.htm

Before the law could officially go into effect a Peoples Veto was enacted. The political process in action....

In essence the veto was asking that a right, a law that the legislators and Governor agreed upon was to be put to a peoples vote to over turn it. To remove a right that was given. To take something away from a group of people.

What decade are we in again??

Tuesday, the law was repealed.

What did that do exactly?

Well... I'll tell you.

One of the arguments was that we already had the ability to have a civil union or a domestic partnership.

Would you give up your marriage license to get one of these?

What does your marriage license afford you that these don't?

At the very least your marriage license allows you - without question, to go into your husband or wife's hospital room and hold their hand as the die.

To support your spouse on their deathbed... without question -  access to your family.

Nancy and I don't automatically get that right. When I was in the hospital last year for my knee replacement, we had to FIGHT with the recovery nurses to let her in to see me after surgery. Even though we placed her on all the forms and spoke to everyone we could that she was my next of kin...

Completely unacceptable.

Your marriage license grants you, the surviving member of this union to your spouses Social Security and pensions, if they are larger than your own... financial security, financially responsible for each other.


Responsibility for your family.

Nancy and I don't automatically get that. Should she pass before I do, the mortgage on this house will be automatically paid off... but can I, on partial disability, working a part time job and getting the occasional teaching gig with my artwork, could I afford to keep this house up alone? I doubt it.

By repealing this law they have denied us and every other gay and Lesbian family the right to be legally and financially responsible for each other.

That's what the repeal of this law did to us on Tuesday.

Rights were taken away from me.


In America....

Today, in 2009.



However, mostly I'm ashamed of our society and I vow to educate people about my life.

Education and telling my truth... that's what will change this wrong.

November 4th, 2009

How I feel.....

How I feel after the passage of the people's referendum to repeal the Equal Marriage Law in Maine, November 4 2009.

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